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    Smooch your Pooch has been a God send to Cathy and I! We are the owners of a difficult English Bulldog, Ozzy. When I say difficult i mean difficult, he will not do anything he doesn't want to do and always wants to be in charge. Over the ...More

    a week ago
    This is the absolute best pet sitting service I have ever come across. Responsible, punctual, and above all trust worthy. Taking care of my best (pet) friends and respecting my home. Its nice to know someone is out there that can take care ...More


    • 5/5 stars Cat Sitting Verified Review

      I'm so relieved to have found Smooch Your Pooch! Michelle is such a warm, caring and professional person. I think she knows what it's like to be an over protective pet owner, so she is more than willing to keep your mind at ease when you're away. I loved how communicative she was, and took care of our beloved kitties in the exact way we specified. We will definitely be hiring Smooch Your Pooch again!

      Jenny L. on February 16, 2016

    Kaitlin Weiss           Nov. 10,15
    Michelle is absolutely incredible. She takes such wonderful care of our dog,  Ike. She is trustworthy, reliable, and I...
    Nov 10, 2015

    Michelle with Smooch Your Pooch Petsitting is the best!! I have a shelter dog that is afraid of just about everything...
    Nov 10, 2015
    I can't say enough good things about my experience with Smooch your pooch! I have four dogs and was going out of town...
    Sep 17, 2015
    Michelle was great! She sent me daily updates of my dog Peanut to let me know how she was. She was in the comfort of ...
    Jun 13, 2015
    The price is very reasonable and Michelle is very sweet to our cat. Highly recommend her for your pet sitting needs.
    May 28, 2015
    We had a family emergency and didn't want to leave our Pooch in a kennel, so I found this service on google, and she ...
    May 17, 2015

    5/5 stars  Stephanie E.

     March 5, 2015

     Smooch your Pooch provides great pet services. My fur baby Maggie loves her daily walks with Michelle and I can rest easy knowing she is taken care of when I'm at work. Smooch you Pooch is reliable trustworthy and accommodating. I highly recommend Smooch your Pooch pet services. :) 

              5/5 Stars   Amy H.
              January 3, 2015

    When I moved to Miami I was worried about who would take care of my 3 dogs. After meeting Michelle she put my mind at ease, she is reliable, kind and terrific   with my dogs. Her updates when I am away are so nice and make it easier to be away from them. I would definitely recommend Smooch Your Pooch to anyone.


    • 5/5 stars September 7, 2014


      Michelle is awesome, and I can always count on her to treat my dog well when I'm not able to be there for him. She walks, feeds, and plays with him, cleans up any messes if they occur, and leaves a log of what happened. Your best friend is in great hands with her!

      Mike K.

    • 5/5 stars January 7, 2014


      Michelle took care of my cats for 9 days and did a fantastic job. She was reliable and even sent me pictures of my cats while I was away. She fed them, gave them water, emptied the litter box, and played with them. I will use her again :)

      Bret G.

    June 8, 2013 

    Michelle is a wonderful pet sitter. She was able to connect with my hyperactive Australian Blue Heeler and he responded well to her. She is very personable and reliable. I will definitely hire her the next time I go on vacation.

    Linda H.

    5/5 stars January 7, 2013

  • Michelle did a fantastic job taking care of my kitties. She exceeded my expectations by not only feeding, providing water and cleaning their litter boxes, but she also gave them treats, brushed their fur, swept up around their boxes and retrieved the mail. Most importantly, Michelle gave each cat individual attention and kept in contact with me throughout my time away from home. Even my shy kitty did well while I was gone. I look forward to using her services again and highly recommend Smooch Your Pooch!
  • Christine L.

  •                    Diane H.-December 16,12

                   Michelle was wonderful with my two dogs and cats. They just loved her. She took care of them for two days and I never had to worry.  

                   I will always use her.

                Sharon N. - December 17,12

             The day I interviewed Michelle I knew she was the one for my four beagles. I am incredibly particular with the care of my dogs and have never boarded or taken them to doggy      daycare. Michelle spoiled them with love, attention, treats, and gifts.

     Michelle is the most trustworthy and caring person I have ever met. Not only was she great with my dogs, but I could confide in her as a friend. If you are looking for someone genuine to  care for your fur-babies, Michelle is the only one I would recommend!

    KS - December 16, 2012

    My name is Jake and I’m a golden lab.  When my mom and dad leave town, my friend Michelle comes over three times a day to take care of me.   She takes me on walks, talks to me, plays with me, gives me cookies and feeds me.   I really like her.  So while sometimes I’m a little sad when my parents leave, I remember that Michelle will be here to take care of me and then I feel so much better.


    I’m Jake’s Mom, Michelle has done a great job of caring for Jake when we can’t.  She’s reliable and trustworthy but most important Jake really likes her.


    Sandy Walker

    We used Michelle's services recently when the whole family went out of town for a reunion. It gave us such peace of mind to have her checking on our dog several times a day. She fed and walked him and he seemed happy when we returned. Much better than leaving him at the kennel! She kept us updated by text and sent me photos to show us he was doing fine. That was a nice touch. :) Her prices were reasonable and her customer service put us as ease.   ...See More

    May 01, 2012  Report This  Manage  Feature

    Michelle of Smooch Your Pooch has done pet sitting services for me for over 2 years and my animals love her, and so do I. 

    My cats, Yoda and Rosie are relaxed when I return home without that "where have you been" attitude. They are contented creatures and are used to quite a bit of pampering, so I am always confident with Michelle's ability to give them the same kind of love I give to them. 

    She is always responsible and reliable and goes the extra mile to make things right. Once when she was pet sitting for me, it had rained to the point of my front door not being able to be opened. She called me and then took the matter into her own hands and went to the store to buy oil for the locks and got in to feed the girls. Even in situations that need a special touch, she always delivers it. 

    I highly recommend Michelle and Smooch Your Pooch for all your petsitting needs and cares. 


    Juanita Mazzarella 

    Oasis House  

    w w 


    Diane- October 31, 2010                             

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    Michelle Kehm of Smooch You Pooch is terrific. When you meet her, you immediately get a sense of her love for animals and also that she takes her responsibility for your pets very seriously. 

    I recently was out of town for a week and was really able to relax and enjoy my trip knowing my pets were being treated great in their own home. I came back to two happy little yorkies.

    I highly recommend Smooch Your Pooch!

  • Amy – August 29, 2010

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    We've been using Smooch Your Pooch petsitting service for over a year. Michelle visits the dogs every day to let them out at lunch time, and she also watches the dogs overnight while we are out of town. Michelle has been terrific and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a great petsitter who really cares about your dogs. Michelle's very organized and thorough. Several of our dogs have been on medication when she comes to stay, and she always makes sure to understand exactly when and how much medication they need. She's very flexible, and we regularly communicate via email and phone. It's very comforting to have a petsitter who you feel you can trust.

  • MillieP – August 22, 2010

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    My husband and I went to Ireland a few months ago and out of the number of Petsitting services We researched and spoke to, we found that "Smooch your pooch" was the most caring and informative and we felt very comfortable knowing our Six Kitties would be in such capable hands. When we returned after three weeks we knew we had made the right choice. My Kitties were well taken care of, and we will use her petsitting service as often or whenever we need to be away, long or short term.

    Stacy ‎ - Aug 3, 2011
    Smooch your Pooch is the best pet sitting service we have ever had. Michelle is dependable and flexible, and finding her has been the best thing to happen to us since we moved to Florida. My husband and I have unpredictable travel schedules, and Michelle has been able to accommodate us with every need we have had. Best of all, our pets love her! Big Boy, our min pin, is very shy and somehow Michelle was able to gain his trust, now he loves her. Dexter our cat likes no one (not even us) but he loves Michelle. We trust Michelle with our most precious assets, our pets. Michelle is he best of the best- 6 stars...highly recommended! Stacy Colby Tushie Big boy Sugar Dexter Mimi and Boo 

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