About Us...

My name is Michelle Kehm. My husband Cevin and I are the sole caregivers of Smooch Your Pooch Petsitting Service. Our love for animals and years of experience allows us to provide you with the utmost quality care for your pets. We are the proud parents of four dogs and five cats. We would love for the opportunity to show your pets the love and care we show ours. The advantages of having the same caregivers is the familiarity and trust it builds with your pets in seeing the same people each time. You will know the person coming into your home for which you have entrusted in the caring of your beloved pets and your home.

Our mission is to give pet owners the confidence and freedom to travel without worry that they are sacrificing their pets’ quality of life.

We recognize that each client has unique needs, and will tailor our services to best fit you and your pets.

I am active in Volunteer work through Best Friends Animal Society as an Ambassador for No More Homeless Pets. I am also a supporter and member of the ASPCA, the Humane Society and Alley Cat Allies and other animal groups. I'm certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through American Red Cross and also a Certified Rapid Response Team Member. This enables me to be deployed to areas of disaster and help in the aiding of animal rescue.